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uglybettylims's Journal

Ugly Betty // LIMS
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moderated by quiddity_

ABOUT Welcome to uglybettylims! It is a Last Icon Maker Standing challenge for fans of the hit comedy/drama, Ugly Betty, featuring America Ferrera! Join and friend the community now to enter, or vote!
RULES 01. You are only allowed to participate if you are on this list.
02. All icons must be 100 x 100 pixels, under 40k, and cannot be animated.
03. You must make a new icon for the lims and don't show it anywhere else before the results are post!
04. You have to enter each challenge. However if you cannot for whatever reason, you can use your skip, but remember to tell me here or I'll use your skip automatically. If you haven't one left, you're out!
05. When signing up, just so I know you have read the rules, please put this sentence "Betty is beautiful" anywhere in your comment.
06. The schedule for challenges will be this.
Monday; New challenge posted shortly after results are up.
Saturday; Challenge deadline. Voting will go up for approx. 48 hours.
Monday; Around evening, the voting will end, and there will be the results post.
07. The way you post your icons is simple.

08. If you have any questions left, just ask!
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